In today's world, many people live their life with unwanted tension, stress and unhealthy pain. Massage Therapy has been around for thousands of years and found in many cultures around the world. It promotes a rebalance of the body and all its system and helps detoxify. It is becoming recognized as a viable alternate to surgery.


Diminish aches and pains
Improve joint range of motion and flexibility
Increase circulation
Release muscle tightness
Release Endorphins
Decrease stress


Metta Thai is the place where we bring together the importance of the mind, body, spirit connections and view optimal health as the balance and integration of all three. At Metta Thai you will find high quality services and different types of therapeutic massage. Our goal is to assist you to restore balance and functionality and provide feelings of peace, safety and wholeness.

Our Services

At Metta Thai our goal is to provide you with the highest quality care. There are many different types of massage therapy. Each has its own focus and benefit. Depending on your specific needs or requests, we’ll discuss what your goals are before we begin your treatment.

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I have been going to Metta Thai Therapeutic Massage for over a year on a regular monthly basis. From the first time I tried it, I loved it because I feel like I just did a work out. It helps me become more flexible and I feel great afterwards. I wish I could go once every week and incorporate it into my work out regiment. If you've never tried it, please do! I highly recommend Matta Thai Therapeutic Massage. The room is clean and relaxing, and there's ample parking space outside the building.

CC C.   

I am very pleased with the treatment I receive at Metta Thai Massage. My stress is greatly reduced, my back pain relieved, and I have stopped getting migraines. I enjoy the benefits of deep tissue massage, Thai massage, and infrared sauna. The sauna has many known benefits, but I also believe it has helped me to meditate and clear up chronic long-term skin issues. My overall lifestyle has improved since starting treatment not too long ago, and I look and feel better. I highly recommend Metta Thai Massage.


Right after my move to MA I started to get severe back pain. I exercised, hiked, bought a natural latex mattress, lost a significant amount of weight but still the pain was there. Metta Thai has been so helpful I decided to get massage when I can, even if not in pain. Suwanna is simply fantastic in identifying the location of the pain point and healing, quickly and effectively. Metta Thai massage therapy is not just a relief from the pain, which would be a great benefit by itself; feeling recharged, energetic and relaxed is part of what you gain and lasts long. I believe finding and healing the source of pain is much, much better than taking anti-pain treatments; to me Metta Thai is a perfect way to take care of yourself, with only beneficial side effects.


Suwanna is an amazing massage therapist who truly cares about her patients getting better. When I first saw Suwanna two years ago, I had been struggling with back and sciatica pain for about 4 years and had seen a handful of chiropractors and massage therapists for pain relief. Of all those practitioners, only Suwanna was able to help me get my pain down to manageable levels. I always feel better after sessions, and she has given me excellent stretches to help me stay pain free in between sessions.

A M.   

By far the best massage experience hands down. I have chronic back and shoulder pain so I need massage therapy periodically. Suwanna is my favorite massage therapist in the area, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs good massage. She knows to how make you relax and comfortable, and you can feel that she really cares about her clients through her touches.


After only a month of getting massages at Metta Thai Therapeutic Massage, my chronic neck and hip/leg pain feel so much better! In the past I've tried other masseuses with various backgrounds around the area but I always found myself feeling like the pain quickly returned or never fully left. Suwanna has been nothing short of amazing though!!I She seems to have such a great ability to find where the original tension lies and work from there. Every move and every bit of pressure has a purpose with her and it shows by how effective her massages have been. Without any hesitation, I would highly suggest Suwanna to anyone asking.


I have been going to Metta Thai massage therapy on a monthly basis for more than three years. Suwanna is great! She is very attentive to specific health needs and definitely takes the time to get to know you before recommending different treatments. Her new location is very convenient and has plenty of parking. I highly recommend Metta Thai Therapeutic Massage!

CC C.   

Suwanna at Metta Thai Therapeutic Massage is totally amazing. She has greatly relieved my neck and back pain and offered helpful tips about stretching and posture. Not only is Suwanna a highly skilled massage therapist, she is also a wonderful and kind person.

K O.   

Suwanna is a truly gifted massage therapist. I initially purchased a groupon for my first massage thinking it was just a one time thing. After my first session I recognized how therapeutic her style massage is and I decided I needed to purchase a package. We developed a individualized plan to work on my identified target areas and she gave me "homework" assignments (stretches) to help work out tension in those areas in between our sessions. It has made a tremendous impact on my body. Not only did she help me work out my physical discomforts she provided me with insightful tools to work through emotional difficulties. I feel fortunate to have found Suwanna. She has been a positive influence on my life. She really cares about the holistic well-being of her clients and provides a incredible service which I highly recommend to all!

Corinne F.   

Suwanna has done wonders for my neck tension. I carry most of my stress in my shoulders and neck area and Suwanna was able to delineate the area that required the most attention and worked on that area for a long time in yesterday's session. She is gifted and a master at her therapy. She takes her time and gives you her personal and undivided attention.
Her setting is serene, calming and warm. I left her studio feeling as if all of my tension had magically slipped through her fingers.
I highly, highly recommend Metta Thai and Suwanna.

L. M.   

Suwanna is wonderful. Her ability to apply firm pressure with a gentleness has no comparison. I visited first with a groupon and I am now a regular. She has increased my mobility and range of motion immensely. She is a necessity in any health and wellness regimen.


I originally came in for a foot massage that I purchased on Groupon. After that appointment, I signed up for a package so that I could reap the benefits of Suwanna's therapy. She has helped me be more aware of my posture and not crossing my legs to help with my issues. I'm so happy I decided to give her a try since i feel so much better. She is also very warm and personable.

D B.   

Suwanna is an excellent massage therapist. She has a clear understanding of anatomy and physiology so she can provide the therapy needed to heal. She also provides follow up stretching to continue the healing process. I no longer have the neck and back pain and soreness that I had almost every day. She is a caring health care provider.

Bob S