Have you ever thought about how many chemicals your body takes in each day?

It is estimated there are more than 20,000 chemicals that our bodies cannot metabolize. But not the natural, normal chemicals but the dangerous, potentially deadly chemicals. Every single day, you're exposed to toxins: in the air... from the carpet... from soaps and shampoos... the chemical cleaners we use... detergents... pesticides on fruits and vegetables...fluoride in the water... the list is endless. It's not a single exposure to any of these things they'll make you sick. It's the constant, chronic exposure and accumulation of them over time that creates illness. Over time, you may experience little aches and pains - and not know why. Far Infrared sauna gives your body a helping hand to excrete some of the compounding chemicals, heavy metals that your body can't remove. Regular detoxification gives your body the best chance to survive well in our toxic world. For many people it is not until we start to suffer the ill effects of this toxic lifestyle that we begin to appreciate our health and take measures to detoxify effectively.

30 minutes - $45